Skin Vol. 1

Skin Vol. 1


My aim was to do a project that was vulnerable and revealing but fun (as fun as you can get with being vulnerable and tearing out your soul :) 

I needed to stretch my own form along with the art. The words, the love of language, its texture & shape have always been at the core of what I do but this go round I wanted to use the audible differently; the sound differently, so in keeping with the subtitle of my last album: “Listen Different” I set to having you hear me different. This gave birth to a more musical construct. This is an attempt at a new face, a new cover on an existing shape, a new SKIN so to speak. 

My biggest hope is that folks get a view into me as a person & as an artist. As always I want my endeavours to spur conversation, movement etc. whether you agree or not. We will explore everything from relationships, views on men and women & on the world but most importantly; hopefully you'll have an exploration of yourselves. I'want to leave a seed in you that with each listen sprouts into something amazing BUT ensure that the amazing be something of the listener (you) your own amazing... make sense? 


released March 26, 2012

Many, many people to thank. Ones that had direct input into this project as well as those that have no idea that they sparked something that was represented in here. I do however; need to thank Lux for her tireless support. Thanks for every "how does this sound?" Thanks for being a great mom to & taking care of our angel so I can perform; for making it possible to fly to NY to record. 

Behind every man is a great woman and you are my great.

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