Poetry is language, and language frames the world we live in. So poetry helps me to frame my world. I read once that if you want to know the real history of a time, you should read poets of that era as history books have an agenda, whereas poets usually do not have a political affiliation and as such are simply mirroring life.


Music is inspiration. It transcends language, sex, greed and many of the barriers we have created for ourselves to remain insular and separated. Yet, it can also define and shape a moment, a people, a movement. It has color and depth, history and insight. It is vibration and octaves. It is ancient mathematics. It is science and love.


Collaboration is essential in keeping your art moving, developing, evolving. Working with other creatives to stretch, pull and morph material into different forms that be consumed by everyone - regardless of how they experience the art - preserves what we do and makes it accessible to the masses.