No one knows these prehistoric monuments really ---

Really know how they were to frame their muses

how they were made

what hollow was removed to make the cast

Does it know its existence was created by taking away?

Reassembled by smolder and under flame

How its seams were welded

that over time they would open like stitched mouths breaking silence from the corners

These bodies faces, busts, limbs

were pounded into shape with damage and heat

poured and cooled

carved and hammered

This violence in likeness is as much what they relate to

as to the likeness itself

as much as they do

the terror these statues

revive in our blood



It's 2am

Suddenly silence has crept between us

and we are alone now

The people have stopped moving

The busy has found its burrow and

the things pulling at us have tired

It's just us

no light

no pollution

you and I in all this blank space

Just the stars to chorus our voices


There's no one else to steal you

So show me

Show me how you feel

We are now

Show me the place you keep secret

so that I can unknow it for you

You are safe with these hands

They will ignore everybody else

and I will still the rest of me

to bow with your turns

bend with your truths


We shall make you feel the things that come after pretty.

after the rebel grows more beautiful

Show me where you store your strength

I will keep it safe


You say you are uncertain but you're far from fledgling

you know how much you should be loved and where to cut the poison from

wherever it's been festered

Show me how you love


We are alone now


Our definition of love unravels

at the pace in which our eyes have experienced it's past entanglements

I am not the latest version of him folded into a new smile

and have spent months wondering if the songs we've written

are from lyrics he composed for you years prior

This is current

yesterday and today

and tomorrow

But we've shared flesh like you were mourning a lost heartbeat

and our touch, a chariot of abandoned moments

feels like we are racing to become a photo album

we'd share with acquaintances

just to prove we are not strangers

I want to find religion in us so we can rewrite ourselves New Testament

as it is you who found the way to carry my stride within your footprints

But we must walk the grain grown in our own bark

no matter how many trees

he may have left rooting in your past